Friday, July 30, 2010

Alabama Transformation Begins

For nearly eighteen months, residents of the 1500 block of Alabama Street have been meeting to dream, plan, and work toward the transformation of their esplanade and street. This partnership between Southeast Neighborhood Development and the Bates Hendricks Neighborhood Association is designed to replicate the award winning efforts on New Jersey Street.

In May, historic lighting was added to the esplanade and several houses received repairs and painting. In June, twenty-five trees and many flowers and other plants were added to the esplanade. In July, the city of Indianapolis will add a plaza, rain gardens, an art circle and other amenities to the south end of the esplanade. Once this is complete, permanent public art will be added to the plaza. SEND will also be rehabbing one house and making repairs on several others. All of these efforts are designed to build a stronger community on Alabama Street.

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